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 Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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  FAQ on Selecting a Psychologist
Is he/she licensed as a Psychologist? 

A Clinical Psychologist must possess a doctorate (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) and be licensed by their state board.  The Board of Psychology for each state issues and renews licenses for Psychologists. 

How long has the Psychologist been practicing as a licensed psychologist?
A Psychologist should be able to tell you how long he/she has been practicing and how long as a Licensed Psychologist.  The Certificate of Licensure lists the date of first license.  
Have there been any complaints or disciplinary actions?

Complaints and disciplinary actions are investigated by the state Board of Psychology.  They can be located on the website.

Where did the Psychologist train?  Was it at an accredited program?

A Psychologist should be able to tell you where they were trained and if the program was accredited.  The American Psychological Association lists accredited clinical psychology programs.

Why is accreditation important?

Training programs and internships sites that are accredited have been evaluated by the American Psychological Association and met their high standards.  Follow this link for more information about the importance of accreditation.

Did the Psychologist receive further training in a clinical internship? Was it at an accredited training site?

A Psychologist should be able to tell you where they completed their clinical internship and whether or not it was an accredited training site.  A certificate should also be presented on the setting in which service is provided.  The American Psychological Association lists accredited internship sites

What is the Psychologist's treatment orientation?
A Psychologist should be able to fully explain, in understandable language, his/her approach to treatment.

           Informative Links

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