Dudley G. Luke, Ed.M., Ph.D.

 Licensed Clinical Psychologist

   Psychotherapy, Assessments, and Consultations

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in California and Nevada.  I presently work in a full-time private practice as a clinical psychologist, splitting my time between Los Altos and Las Vegas.  I trained at the top institutions in the United States and worked at several highly regarded agencies in California. In my private practice, I help children, adolescents and adults through psychotherapy, evaluations and psycho-educational assessments, and consultations. My approach to treatment is empirically based, systematic, flexible and eclectic, utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy, informed by behavioral decision making research and/or psychodynamic practices, depending on the issue or problem.

I have recently "re-opened" my offices with COVID safety protocols, though I will continue to treat clients via Tele Health, if requested.

Please feel free to navigate through my website to learn more about me, the services   I offer information and access to links that may be of interests. My offices are located in Los Altos in CA, and in Las Vegas.  My current availability is limited. Please contact me at...  

phone: 650 847-7394 (CA)
            702 423-4102 (NV)

e-mail: drdgl@post.harvard.edu


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